Program Description

Before a potential client can be admitted he must be screened by a counselor who will consider a number of factors.

  • The potential client needs to present a possible alcohol and drug abuse problem
  • The potential client's physical condition needs to be appropriate to the level of care provided within our program.
  • A potential client needing detox would be inappropriate for immediate entry.
  • A serious mental or medical illness may need to be addressed before alcohol and/or drug abuse treatment is initiated.


With our professional team of Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, you will receive only the highest quality of treatment available. The Treatment Team provides counseling for substance abuse as well as co-occurring (dual diagnosis) mental health disorders.

Within the first 72 hours each client admitted will be given a medical screening and assigned a counselor. The counselor will complete an assessment that will identify and evaluate an individuals strengths, weaknesses, problems and needs for the development of a personalized treatment plan.


Phases of Treatment

  • Orientation 1-30 days. Each client is assigned to a counselor and receives an individualized treatment plan. Clients are introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings held daily at the facility. A big brother is appointed to help newcomers learn the Cardinal Rules, Major Rules and Therapeutic Community Terminology. In order to move to the next phase, each client must pass an orientation exam and be recommended by his big brother to enter the next phase.

  • Primary 30-90 days. Each client starts to earn points and can apply for status change to increase his allowance and privileges, such as phone calls, store runs, visitation, and passes. Client continues to meet with his counselor on a regular basis and work on treatment plan assignments.

  • Transition 90-120 days. Client begins to re-integrate into society by attending outside meetings, working with a sponsor, and building a support network.

  • Work Phase Each client must begin job search and be gainfully employed within a specific period of time. He must have a 12-step sponsor and be active in the 12 step group. He must have worked steps 4 and 5 prior to entering this phase, and is still required to attend all mandatory meetings, work with newcomers, and be a role model in the Therapeutic Community.

  • Aftercare The Texas House offers an optional two year aftercare program for all clients who have successfully completed the residential program.
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